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Eyler Parent Newsletter

March 31, 2021

Dear Eyler Families,



Today marks the end of our March is Reading Month celebration and the start of Spring Break. Though the month is over, I encourage you all to continue to read and have fun with your children’s favorite stories. From time to time I get asked about what a parent should do if they think their child is struggling with reading. My answer is always to contact the teacher. 

It used to be that parents and teachers had set days and times for parent-teacher conferences, and communication outside this never happened. Thanks to email, websites, virtual classrooms and social media sites, parents and teachers can communicate with each other more easily and frequently. Even with all of these things, some parents are still hesitant to contact the teacher. Don't be! A quick email or phone call can solve simple misunderstandings, or make it clear that a longer, more formal conversation is needed.

So here are a couple reasons that you should get in contact with your child’s teacher:


  • The reading material being used at school or for homework seems consistently too hard or too easy for your child. To make the most progress, your child should be reading books with at least 90% accuracy. While some reading of simple books is great for building confidence and reading speed, most readers also need some practice figuring out new words. Books that are too difficult are frustrating for your child, and may not build any new reading skills.

  • The feedback on your child's paper is unclear to you. A teacher's notes in the margins of papers or on individual math problems often help parents understand what they are trying to reinforce. For example, in math, the teacher may have a routine for teaching regrouping that she reinforces with certain notes. In writing, the teacher may expect certain words to be spelled correctly, while allowing invented spelling for other words.

A good positive relationship between parents and teachers benefits everyone. Staying in touch, asking questions and heading off problems before they become too big are all ways to build a strong relationship.

Finally, parents please be sure that you read to your children for 20 minutes and ask them every day what new things they have learned, what was their favorite part, and what made them laugh at school.




6thAnnual Fund Run

  • Don’t forget to register for our Fund Run as many are doing a great job and we are almost at our first goal! You can get registered here today: 

Click Here to Register

  • Virtual students are eligible and encouraged to participate. There will be a designated time slot on race day for those students to come and participate, or you can send in fun videos showing how they Get Movin’ at home. Simply sign your child up on the above link and select “Virtual Students” as their classroom. Consent form, Pledge form and any cash donations can be brought to the school on the day of the run (if participating in-person). If participating virtually (sending in video), Pledge form and any cash donations can be dropped off to the office. To submit videos, please email us at Don’t hesitate to email or reach out on our Facebook group if you have any questions at all!

  • This will be our ONLY big fundraiser this year, so we need everyone’s help to make it great!



Monthly Math/Science Activities:

Click here for some fun activities to do with your child :)

Upcoming Events:

End of 3rd Marking Period: 4/1

Spring Break: 4/1 - 4/9

Kindergarten Round-Up: 4/21

School Board Meeting: 4/22

3rd & 4th Grade M-STEP Testing: 4/27, 4/29, 5/4

1/2 Day: 5/7

Kindergarten Round-Up: 5/11

I look forward to working with you to continue this exciting, educational, and safe school year at Eyler!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Steven Krause
Eyler Elementary School
(734) 654-2121